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Default Re: Zeller to Cleveland for 24th, 33rd,34th

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I'm much more OK with the Zeller pick for what we gave up for him than the Waiters pick, to be totally honest. Not to say that Waiters won't pan out, but I just didn't think that Grant would reach like that at No. 4 two years in a row. Then again, there was a lot of hype around Waiters as the draft approached. He seemed to be moving up on everyone's board and I don't think he would have lasted too much longer had we passed on him.

What was Zeller? 17th pick? So, you give up 33 and 34 to move up seven places and go from a mid-20s pick to a mid-teens pick? I actually liked that. And, Zeller can play. I certainly prefer him to any of the guys the Mavs took with those three picks. I believe that Zeller will be a better player than any of those guys and that is all I need.

You knew damn well we weren't going to bring in four rookies. That was going to happen one way or the other.

i knew we were gonna trade, and after my initial reaction i started to calm down and think about it and i really like the waiters pick.

and knowing that zeller is a true 7 footer with a pretty good shot and can take contact down below and score i'm starting to like it more.

defintely a better pick than fab melo...and most likely a top 2-3 maybe even the best.

if drummond and meyers leonard both bust.

is henson considered a center? it says power forward but i dont know.

i believer zeller will be better than hansborough though. so we will see.
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