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Default Re: Monroe/Drummond Vs Cousins/Robinson

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Sacto. Just because Cousins is already a monster and not even close to realizing his full potential yet and I think Robinson's a pretty sure thing to give you 15/9 type stuff for a number of years.

Drummond's all hype and potential. He works out, that's probably the best frontcourt in the league. But it's all wait and see for now. At least for me.

One of Cousins or Robinson better learn to shoot a jumper though.
while cousins is awesome, people are really underrating greg here. cousins was the featured player on his team (greg should've been, but spent entire quarters watching isotayshaun and stuckey ball). Cousins shot something like 45% last year. monroe was, at one point, near the top of the league in fg% and well over 50% for the year.
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