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Default Re: Zeller to Cleveland for 24th, 33rd,34th

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I look at it like this...

The NBA is not the NFL. It doesn't mean that you got the better end of the deal if you get three mediocre players instead of one solid player. Obviously, we will have to see how these guys all pan out before we call this trade a win or a loss, but since I would rather have Zeller than anyone that was left on the board at 24, it was a good trade to me. That is without getting into the additional assets that Boozehound has noted.

In the NFL, quantity over quality is sometimes the way to go, because you have 22 starters in a single game and guys constantly coming and going on and off the field. You are better off being very solid from 1-53 on your roster (like New England always is) than having a couple of superstars and not much else.

The NBA is the absolute opposite. Good players win games.... And I do think Zeller will be a nice 5. It isn't like we are in the David Robinson, Dream, Ewing, Shaq era when there were a lot of elite centers. In today's game, if you have a pretty good center, it is usually better than whatever your opponent is trotting out there in the middle.... Lots of 4s posing as 5s. It is nice to have a legitimate young big man on the roster.

I will also note that, according to the Cavs, Zeller was in their Top 10 in this draft. That isn't a huge stretch, either, because as the college basketball tournament was happening, Zeller was projected to be a middle lottery pick. His stock slipped for whatever reason during the combine/workout portion of the offseason, but I will happily take him at 17 under these circumstances.

Hey.... I'm not off the wall excited right now, because I had my heart set on one of Beal or MKG, but it wasn't in the cards to get one of those guys. Michael Jordan really f#cked us by going against what literally everyone was projecting and picking MKG at No. 2. The moment his name was announced, I knew that Waiters was probably going to be the choice.

Pretty obvious that the Cavs, like me, were not high at all on Harrison Barnes... And the risk outweighed the reward on Drummond.

We had to take what was the best upside option with the least amount of "bust potential" and that was Waiters.

I'm OK with this draft. The things that really upset me -- not getting MKG or Beal -- were not something that we could control. Under the circumstances, I can live with Waiters/Zeller.

we do have a really good frontcourt now.

thompson could be very good.

varajoe is the most underrated PF in the NBA in my opinion and now we have legit 7 footer that will allow the other two players i named to play their true posistions.

i also had an inkling it was gonna be waiters the moment the MKG's name was called. very surprsing pick by charlotte in my opinion... i knew we weren't taking t-rob so it was either barnes or waiters.

still think that drummond could be a little better than deandre jordan.

take a look at the stats from the kansas vs UNC tournament game.

robinson didnt exactly murder zeller.

6 more points and 3 more rebounds but zeller had 4 more blocks. plus throw in the fact that zeller didnt have their starting point guard and the little white kid was getting killed out there and zeller maybe outplays him.

zeller now has a great point guard to and a great slasher to help get him the ball.

kyrie irving
dion waiters
alonzo gee
tristan thompson
tyler zeller

average age = 22 year's old!!!

young and full of of potential.
people underrating alonzo gee

11//5 in second season in the nba + throw in that he is an awesome defender!
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