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Default Re: Zeller to Cleveland for 24th, 33rd,34th

Originally Posted by LBJMVP
i also had an inkling it was gonna be waiters the moment the MKG's name was called. very surprsing pick by charlotte in my opinion... i knew we weren't taking t-rob so it was either barnes or waiters.

I said to my brother the moment that the pick was made by Charlotte that we were going to end up with Waiters. Cavs were never high on Barnes. That was all a smokescreen. Waiters was always the fall-back plan if those two were off the board, imo.

I'm pretty surprised the Bobcats went with MKG. I would have loved him on our team, but we already have our future superstar in place. MKG is an elite complimentary piece, but going No. 2 to a team with nothing, he will be expected to be a franchise player and I don't think that is the kind of player he is.

As much as I love MKG, I don't like that pick for Charlotte. They may be even worse next year than they were this past season... and they were arguably the worst team ever.
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