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I'm happy with the results. For a second I got excited thinking the Kings would pass on Thomas Robinson since they have Cousins, but Lillard is the best IMO of what we could have got. When I first heard his name a few weeks back, I was scared we would take him simply because he is a point and not because he was best available, but since then I have heard nothing about how awesome he is. There were rumors that he was the best guy we have worked out since Durant, and he is unselfish even though he scored like crazy. I actually got worried we would take Drummond, because his own college coach and a teammate criticized his work ethic and the said he would take at least 5 years to be decent. That means he would be up for a contract extension before we ever would get to see what he would turn out to be.

I'm hearing Meyers Leanard is Joel Przybilla 2.0 with more offensive upside. Hopefully Joel could teach him a few tricks before he retires.

Also, selecting Barnes would likely mean he is Batum's replacement, and although he would be a nice SF, it really wouldn't improve our team because we would still be with more holes in the roster.

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