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Default Re: Anthony Davis vs. rookie KG

Originally Posted by Kews1
pretty sure he was asking 'who' was better at the different areas listed, i dont believe he was telling you KG was better.

hmm, you might be right. it depends if he means 'has' like he typed or 'was' like he's asking an open ended question. if he meant 'has', then he's listing all the things KG is better at davis at....

i can't remember KG's rookie season jumper much, but i know KG has him beat in interior scoring easily. davis has to get better in the post and he shot less than 35% in post situations at kentucky. KG had much better footwork and touch around the basket. both he and KG run the court extremely well.

passing i would say is close to even with davis possibly more prepared due to playing at kentucky, but KG was probably the one with better overall court vision, especially passing out of doubles (which i can't say happened a lot as a rookie but i digress).

rebounding again is close to even. KG is most certainly the better defensive rebounder while davis has shown he has the ability to box out and grab offensive boards.

defense, i'm going to davis. KG became an all-time great defender but davis is a natural right now. he already hedges well and can go out on the perimeter and block jump shots. KG was better at stealing due to his quick hands. we'll see if he can get close to 2 bpg his rookie season.

lastly, it's important to note that KG basically played as a PF/C 7th grade and on. davis didn't do so until his senior year in HS. that's why KG was more polished and smoother offensively, especially in the post. interior scoring is the biggest gap i can see between the two....

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