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Default Re: Lakers Want Back In First Round

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Kobe and Bynum already has a combined 45 mil salary in the coming season. Add World Peace' 7 Mil and Blake's 4 mil and Mcbobs 3 mil, thats about 59 Mil on just 5 players which I think would be over the threshold. Even if you amnestied Artest, you still need 8 more players, and what are the chances of getting good players playing for vet minimum contracts?
How can you still go under the cap?

That question brings up another one.... Talent (like how I use the SB thing) that decides to go to a destionation for the MLE doesn't count against the cap the same, does it? Remember, Artest and Blake were brought in using that. I'm not sure how it works out long term but that's exactly how Miami might bring in Ray Allen. If it doesn't count against them this year, does it next year?
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