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Default Re: Cleveland with the weird picks

Thompson was 2nd Team All NBA Rookie Last Year. Now, it's not a badge of honor to carry around 2nd Team awards, but it's far from a flop. They drafted three things with Thompson: Energy, Defense, and Rebounding - and he was very good in all 3 areas.

Dion Waiters: Does anyone listen to Fran Frischella? He seems to have this inside niche on Foreign players and other "sleepers". When asked about Dion Waiters vs. Harrison Barnes, he said: "I'd draft Waiters and it's not even close." And he coached Barnes in some under 18 national competition. Jim Boeheim said hands down Waiters is the most talented player he has ever coached at Syracuse . He was rated as the best one on one talent in this draft and the player most likely to get to the basket in the entire draft. STRANGE SELECTION, no doubt - but this isn't a Darko pick.
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