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Default Re: Cleveland with the weird picks

funny thing is i like waiters, even called him underrated before he started to shoot up draft boards faster than a coke fiend does lines. in regards to pure offense, i think he's the best player of the draft. he has an explosive first step, takes long strides and is a strong finisher. he has a stepback jumper, can split doubles and uses the glass inside. in transition, he's as explosive as you can get for his size.

but #4 overall? he might be way too iso heavy in the league for that. i'm not sold on his defense either. syracuse plays strictly zone so it's hard to gauge that, never mind it being horrible for player development. syracuse doesn't exactly have a good track record as of late.

at #4, i just like taking a safer pick and waiters has too high a bust potential for me at that point. iso heavy, defensive impaired guards in this league generally come off the bench. do you use a #4 pick for a guy that will play 25 mins, maybe more on nights where he has the hot hand? this isn't a harden situation; harden was much more versatile than waiters and he comes with more prototypical size.

waiters shoots way too many 3's for my liking and takes way too many heat checks.

his offensive game is not the part i'd be overly concerned about. it would be his efficiency (goes back to shot selection), defense and ability to handle more minutes.

now, waiters might become a good defender but there isn't a whole lot there to suggest that he'll transition from a zone oriented defense to a more traditional defense swiftly. his steal numbers look good per 40 or whatever but those are inflated and involve gambling. we all know how that can be misleading. he does have quick hands though and was more committed to defense his second year. on the flip side, some of the strips and steals he goes for in college are going to be called fouls in the nba.

let's be real about boeheim btw. he said those words in the last week i believe and he's just backing his guy. are we truly to believe that waiters is more talented than carmelo anthony at the college level? not even a big melo fan but melo was ready from the jump and was instrumental in syracuse winning it all.

i might change my mind later, but early on, waiters and plumelee were the biggest reaches imo.

for those saying we don't know how 'x' player is going to do, apply that to waiters as well. just understand the criticism for now and we can't truly revisit this with a full picture for about three years...could he be the next westbrook? i won't say it's impossible. wb is more explosive but they share similarities in shot selection (shooting early in the shot clock) and not being a natural PG. both don't always hit their teammate in stride or get the offense going. this will be more of a moot point as he'll play SG in cleveland, but still. high risk, high reward. draftexpress has him at worst as smush parker, lol. i won't be that mean but a semi jerryd bayles make sense to me

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