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Default Re: Monroe/Drummond Vs Cousins/Robinson

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I love Monroe, seriously, I ADORE that dude's game, I just don't really know about his long term viability at the 4 spot. I know that's what everyone says he is, but I just don't think he is, not in today's NBA. We're going to more and more stretch 4s and just big brawny ball handling 3s playing the 4, I don't know that Monroe can defend guys like that. Drummond's going to have to grow into a pretty nice switch man off of screen's so Monroe doesn't have to leave the paint a ton on D.
Monroe and Drummond can both play the 5 and Drummond is damn near 300 pounds with one of the highest verts in the draft class. That some SHAQ type POTENTIAL.

I'm sure that if a stretch 4 gets past Monroe which will be tough already, they will have to deal with Drummond.

Only guys like Rose,DWade,Westbrook have the agility to run past their defender then slow down and try to draw a foul.

Either way, I'm really excited for this new influx of BIG men in the NBA. There was times when we only had 2-3 guys who played like real big men at a high level. Now we will have 7+ guys who can get in there and do work.
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