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Default Re: Toronto Raptors 2012-13 roster

Originally Posted by bluerap
#1. Ed davis is not a salary you look to shed.
You have a quality rotation player with good potential making 2 million.
The two guys you would want to consider in a dump (aside from Jose) are Kleiza and Amir.

The raptors currently have $41 million committed in salary for next season.
Plus they will have to sign Jonas, Ross and I would think Acy.
Jonas is slotted at 2.812mil, Ross at 2.136mil and Acy 850K (I believe).
Plus we have extended a qualifying offer to Bayless of 4.165mil. He may end up making more (doubtful) or less if he decides to take more years at a lower number (possible). But assuming he is at that number that is about 10 million extra. Also Solomon Alabi has a team option for 890k. No indication yet if they will resign him but it makes sense because you have to fill the roster and that is a cheap way to fill the end of the bench.
Brings our total salary to 52million. The cap is believed to be 58million so we only have 6 million left.

I heard BC on the radio today say he was considering using the amnesty on Jose. That would mean we would have 16.5million in space. Bc said 22 million without Jose but he must not have been counting Bayless, Acy and Alabi.

I would definitely try to sign and trade Jose for Nash but it doesn't leave a ton of space either way (amnesty or trade) after Nash. At best they can get one mid-level player. I still expect them to try and trade for Deng or Iggy but I don't think they can offer anything sexy enough. Chicago drafted teague but they still may be willing to take Jose for 1 year if we through in some other assets (first rounder + demar?), but then we don't have the space for Nash.

So basically I expect plan A is to get Nash and a marginal sf, plan B is Deng and marginal PG.

Good info. My only reasoning behind moving Davis is because it would be filler in a trade. Also, I see Acy as a cheaper option than Davis, which would make Davis expendable (some might not like it, but I don't mind since I question his motivation and he has such a broken jumper / FT form).

So, $43,887,481 + Ross' 2.2M + Acy's 1M (all rounded up) = $47,087,481 + 4.2M for Bayless = $51,287,481 + 1M for Alabi as roster filler = 52,287,481.

My best case scenario roster would be:


Trade Jose and Davis for Deng (almost equal $ wise). Hope Bayless gets an offer elsewhere and sign George Hill to a similar amount (also doesn't eat into available cap as shown above). Amnesty Kleiza for an additional 4.6M, and use balance to pick up Nash as an FA.

Would we get a mid-level exception in this scenario? My knowledge on the CBA is really poor!
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