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Default Re: pistons getting drumond!

[quote=Fiasco]He is playing against high school kids who aren't nearly as physically mature as himself. If his skillset was as developed as you let on, he wouldn't have been the 4th scoring option on his team last year.

Drummond is just another athletic big with zero fundamentals. He's riding the "Could he be the next Dwight Howard?" wave. Simple as that. Right now people are reading way too much into his potential and too little in the likelihood he busts.[/QUOTE]

Not really. Drummond was the most criticized and scrutinized player leading up to the draft last night..Its actually crazy that he slipped to the 9th pick.
He is already better than DeAndre Jordan and there is no telling how much better he can get if he actually learns how to play basketball. I don't think he is as much of a risk as has been advertised. Sure, watching every UConn game this year, i have a lot of concerns (horrible free throw shooting, out of position when he is supposed to help on d, low and slow release on his jumpshot, etc) but the notion that he is a risk to be out of the league in a few years is simply not true. Great pick by Detroit.
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