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Default Re: pistons getting drumond!

A small part of me is just excited about the premise of gaining a pretty athletic guy in Detroit. We could use some more highlights in order to build a little bit of excitement and maybe draw some more folks back out to the arena. As well as Stuckey, Monroe, and Knight played last year, they weren't always conducive to making the highlight reels. I mean, the 3rd Piston result for Brandon Knight on YouTube is a clip of him knocking over a tub of Gatorade:

On the flip side, it also could be argued that the Pistons best highlight of the season was Greg Monroe's steal at the rookie game (4th result on Greg Monroe YouTube search and is still actually kind of awesome):

So yeah, I'm hoping Drummond's skill comes around and he's an asset in that regard, but I'm also hoping for some increased excitement as he grows.

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