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Default Re: Who stood out to you in the draft?

The teams that did the best were the teams that did not panic and kept their picks without making too much noise in the trade talks.


Detroit - For the 3rd time in a row they see a guy fell into their hands. First Monroe, then Knight and now Drummond. For the 9th pick, Drummond is a damn good value for Detroit and they have a nice young core.

OKC - They got a lottery talent with the 28th pick.
Maynor / Harden / Jones / Collison / Aldrich is probably better than a few starting lineups in the NBA. The depth is off the charts for OKC now.

Boston - for picks in the 20s, they got very good value. I think both Sullinger and Melo will be developed properly in Boston.


Houston - For a team that was screaming Howard, Josh Smith, 2nd pick and 5th pick, getting 2 more PFs and a SG was not great at all.
They have 7 PFs in the roster right now plus Motiejunas in Europe. The picks were not bad, but the fit couldn't be worse.

Cavs - They had the 4th, 24th, 33th and 34th pick and all they could do was Waiters and Zeller. MEH

Indiana - Could have got Jones with the pick but instead they reached for a late 2nd round pick talent. The worst pick in the 1st round by far.
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