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Default Re: Lakers Draft Robert Sacre

Solid pick.
At that point in the draft, I think the hope is to find a guy who MAY develope into a bench roll player.
I could see this guy possibly develope into a rebounder/shotblocker to back up Bynum down the road, sort of a Theo Ratliff type.
Not saying he's there now but he could become that type of player.
If the Laker bigs are currently Bynum, Gasol, Hill (hopefully) and McBob, this guy could be the 5th big. Probably won't see any PT except in blowouts. If he's not NBA ready they could send him down for a year and go after a vet min for the 5th big.
The Lakers actually have been pretty successful with 2nd rounders. DFish, Turiaf, Luke Walton, Ebanks etc.
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