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Default Re: In Retrospective: Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer is nothing more than an overrated volume shooter who, if his shot isn't falling, is absolutely useless on the floor. He doesn't even have passable NBA caliber skills in other areas. After seeing him play live a handful of times this season, he looks even worse in person. He looks like you pulled somebody out of the stands and threw them the basketball most of the time... total deer in the headlights, 'what do I do?' reaction. His passing is seriously an abomination and I can't believe people try to pigeon hole him as a PG.

The Kings should keep Cousins/Robinson/Thomas and maybe Thornton and just clean house. Start over fresh with a new identity and culture, spearheaded entirely by a workhorse like Robinson. At the least shop vets like Salmons and Garcia to young teams lacking experience. Young guys like Evans and Thornton could bring some great pieces back to the Kings moving forward.
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