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Default Re: Toronto Biggest Loser of the Draft

Ross was pegged as their guy and didn't want to risk him being off the board, simple as that. This is one part in the grand scheme, and I personally don't mind. Raps fans can't stand players like Bargs, Jose, and DD because they are not 2-way players. Now they draft one, don't give him a chance and he's a bust? We have no idea how this pans out. I will be the 1st to say I was disappointed we didn't take Rivers, but in all honesty, Ross is bigger, shoots equally well, and is an active defender who does not constantly need the ball to be effective.

As for Drummond, yes, if he reaches his potential, then we blew it. But TO is not the right situation for Drummond with Val coming over. How can you develop either player if they cannot get game-time minutes? Bigs need time, especially since he is so raw. The raps didn't want to make a mistake and went safe. So what. If he ends up being J-Rich 2.0 or Thabo with an offensive game (he's compared to Nick Young on draft express which is not accurate since he rebounds and defends), that's a solid piece moving forward.
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