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Default Re: 7 Teams Passed On Drummond, Remember That When...

Stuff like this isn't universal. More often than not it's circumstantial. Players like Bynum stepped into a perfect situation, where a door was left wide open for the 'next great center' in LA. Do you think he would have developed into this kind of player had he not been brought along by Kareem and instead had been drafted by the Bobcats? The kids motivation and maturity has come under fire enough as it is. Imagine him in a less-than-ideal playing situation elsewhere.

A perfect example is DeAndre Jordan. He has the natural ability to be a great center but he's hardly improved from the raw offensive player he was coming into the league. Had he gone to a team with greater expectations and a dedicated focus on bringing him along as a project player, it's safe to assume that he'd AT LEAST be making shots outside of the paint right now. Even if he had a jump shot that was broken, that would be some progress.

Nevertheless, simply drafting size isn't always a sure thing. For every Bynum there's a Olowokandi, or a Thabeet. I'm sure lots of GM's still had that Thabeet pick a few years back fresh in their minds when considering Drummond.

Boston drafted Fab Melo, so at least there's that.
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