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Default Re: 7 Teams Passed On Drummond, Remember That When...

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
-Darko didn't have Drummond's tools. Athletically, he is something special. I watched a lot of his games and the tools are there. He just has to spend more time playing the game.
-You weren't passing up on 5 star prospects for Drummond like Darko. For example Toronto took Terrance Ross, whose ceiling is a bad starter, over Drummond.
Regarding the first point, their skills and makeup weren't identical, but Darko at the time definitely had a lot of tools in terms of what he was capable of doingon the basketball court (I'd say arguably more than Drummond). Young Milicic was relatively quick (though Drummond seems quicker), he could shoot (not a sharpshooter, but he could knock down jumpers and NBA triples without looking hapless), and he had a post game that seemed well on its way to blossoming into something special.

To this day, I still cannot lie. When I was up at the University of Detroit watching the Pistons open practice in '03, that whole place was giddy with Darko. He looked sharp, the perfect complement to Ben Wallace for years to come. This gent was taking off one step inside the free throw line and dunking with relative ease during 3-on-2, 2-on-1 drills. I think it can be argued Larry Brown indirectly destroyed Darko's will to live, but I definitely think Milicic had soemthing there at the start.

Regarding your second statement, I agree. There's not as much pressure resting on Detroit for the Drummond pick. He more or less fell into their laps and there wasn't a highly touted alternative that was immediately swooped up afterward. I'd say relatively low risk, possibly high reward.
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