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Default Re: 7 Teams Passed On Drummond, Remember That When...

Originally Posted by LJJ
I'm never too high on athletic players who look very raw in college. College competition is extremely weak for the most part. Especially at center, you don't have to be all that to look like a terrific player.

Yet Drummond didn't do much of anything really. When you are seven feet tall and 270 pounds and hyper athletic you need to be able to do more against college competition, even as a raw 18 year old.

the team was broken. he was literally no coached up at all due to all the turmoil that wen on during the season. With that said, he had moments in games where he did things that showcased his otherworldly gifts.

Even if all you can get him to do with to play hard on defense, block shots, catch alley opps ---> he is still worth taking earlier than 9.

lets also not forget that this guy is 280 pounds at age 18 and is only going to get bigger and stronger. I'm defenses are gonna love facing this 6"11 300 pound super quick man child on defense in a few years. If D'Andre Jordon, who is borderline retarded bbiq wise, can become a difference maker on defense than I have know issue saying Drummond will do that same.

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