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Default Re: Who will succeed in the NBA more: Royce White or Jared Sullinger?

Originally Posted by Pushxx
What do you think? Who will succeed more in the NBA? Royce White or Jared Sullinger?

This question is a little loaded, because most people will feel that the player not picked is assumed bust status.

I actually had the Celtics drafting both of these guys, they were in fact my draft targets. I see them both as top 10 picks based on talent.
See here: Celtic Nation Mock Draft 3.0

Who will be a better pro? Well that depends on the situation.

-Jared Sullinger is going to be surrounded by veterans, and teamed in the front court with Kevin Garnett. Each of their areas of strength covers the other's weakness. Garnett does not score consitently down low, Sullinger does. Sully is a slow-footed defender, KG is nimble. Sullinger's floor is Sean May (with the injuries) and his ceiling is Kevin Love with a slightly lower rebound rate.

-Royce White was my favorite college player last season. He has a truly unique game and skill-set. He has been compared to: Anthony Mason, Charles Barkley, Boris Diaw, Jamal Mashburn, Billy Owens, Antoine Walker, LeBron James, and one startling comparison to Maurice Stokes - erm, no! The Rockets are the wrong spot for him, they are full of power forwards (9 at last count), and McHale will not have a lot of patience for him.

I think either Terrence Jones or Royce White (potentially both) are going to be included in a trade - whoever gets them will be very lucky. White's best landing spot would have been Denver. He is fantastic at handing off to cutting guards, and Lawson would have excelled playing with Royce White, basically Andre Miller in a beast's body.

To answer your question, right now Sullinger will have the better career. If White goes to a team that is open to using him for his elite abilities, then it's a toss-up.
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