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Default Re: In Retrospective: Jimmer Fredette

Originally Posted by Punpun
Dude, that douche was mad as **** because I kicked his ass on some argument over DAVIS. Not T-rob.

Kicked my ass so bad I had you going back and editing stuff out of your argument because I called you out on it. You just amend your argument anytime someone checkmates you and then you just keep saying "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter."

Yeah, you kicked my ass.

I brought up Robinson because you said Davis shouldn't be compared to Tim Duncan if he can't make an impact (which you proceeded to give a skewed definition of), and then you go and compare Robinson, in this therad, to Tim Duncan. The irony is rich. You're a 14 year old. It's obvious through your constant use of terms like "butthurt" and "douche." You aren't able to debate logically, so you just run around deflecting and name calling. You're the epitome of juvenile.
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