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Default Re: Who will succeed in the NBA more: Royce White or Jared Sullinger?

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
I'd take Royce. I think he creates more match-up problems at the next level and his shooting stroke doesn't look all that bad mechanically. I think he will develop an consistent jumper that he can hit from 18-20 feet out over time.

The only problems with his jumper right now:
1. He falls left on jump shots, and points his feet slightly to the left. He compensates for this by shooting slightly right (as you can see from his fiollow through, his right elbow flairs out). Easily corrected.
2. He has HUGE hands (like Rondo, Shaq and Wilt).
This is harder to correct - He's going to have to make sure to hold the ball more loosely using a light flick of the wrist on his follow through. Less left hand on the ball.
3. Release point - on free throws he doesn't release the ball at the apex.

With a lot of practice hours he should be able to fix these issues. At best he should be a 70-75% free throw shooter, and have a respectable mid range game.
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