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Default Re: If Andre Drummond slips to 9

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
DD24 - I know you love big PF's, the selection of Drummond will now move Monroe back to his natural PF position, which I think is the biggest plus side to this move

A lot of people are saying he will take a long time to develop, but I believe his size and athleticism will make an instant impact atleast on defense. I am a big believer in starting him straight away, get some experience into him, build chemistry with him and Monroe from the very start...


Good work Dumars, great foundation for our future...

Absolutely, I love the size of our front line now. I think with that type of size down low it's going to be hard for teams to match up, plus it'll make it hard for them to get in the paint.

I highly doubt Drummond starts at the beginning of the season. I do want to see him get his fair share of PT, and I'm sure he will. If we're lucky his game will have grown enough by the end of the season to see him in a starting role. It is going to take time for this kid to develop. He's only 18. Remember, it took Bynum years before he was effective and he was working with one of the best C's to ever play the game (Kareem). As fans our expectations need to be fair with him. He was the first one to admit his offensive moves in the low post need a lot of work. He said he doesn't have a go to move yet, and he even mentioned that he was uncomfortable at the start of his college season because it took time for him to adjust playing against bigger, faster players. He's definitely a project C. That's why I mentioned I just want to see him grow this year from where he was at in college. As long as we see progress there won't be anything to be afraid of. Typically players make their biggest stride the season after their rookie season. So I would hope that we see a few go to moves that season and a big increase in his game, then the season after hopefully he will be a beast.
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