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Default Re: Austin Rivers will be the biggest bust of this draft

Originally Posted by AMISTILLILL
Honestly, it's probably because they like and respect Doc. They couldn't exactly trash the kid on live TV, either. Everybody is milking the whole "basketball pedigree" story line, which will probably keep teams interested in him early in his career... despite the fact that he isn't exactly paying dividends. It certainly didn't work for Ewing's kid.

Rivers could be one of those career journeymen. The verdict is still out, so I don't want to be too critical... I've just heard the phrase "one dimensional" thrown around too much to feel confident about his long-term future in the league.

Although even the Eddie House's of the world found spots on rosters, right?

That's the only reason I could think of. They like and respect Doc, who was there with Austin, and it probably would have been really uncomfortable if they had knocked the pick with Doc in the building.

And I definitely think Austin can make it int he NBA. That's not the point I was trying to make. He's got the ability and athleticism to be, at worst, a solid 7th or 8th man on contender. I just thought him going #10 was a reach, especially when you consider that the team who took him already has a much better version of who he is as a player.
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