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Default Re: Austin Rivers will be the biggest bust of this draft

Originally Posted by SpecialQue
Regardless of the Rivers pick, I'm really interested to see how this Hornets team plays next season. Yeah, they lost a shitload of games, but I remember some of those being close losses, and they didn't even have Gordon. When he came back they were a surprisingly tough team.

They were without their real starters in a lot of games. Healthy, Hornets should be a really good team.

They have size, can defend on the perimeter and in the paint, can sore inside and outside, looks to have a solid 8 man rotation, good coach....all they really need is to find who there are. Needs to be a better passing team too. No one on that team can really run an offense. If they decide to start Rivers, definitely won't help the cause. But overall pretty well balanced team.
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