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Default Re: Who will succeed in the NBA more: Royce White or Jared Sullinger?

I don't think the Sixers would need any more. The Sixers wouldn't be trying to get immediate equal player value. They would get a great player in Royce, but probably more importantly, Martin's contract coming off the books at the same time as Brand's allows the Sixers to be in position for one or two max players in the offseason. The only players under contract would be Holiday, Turner, Young, Vucevic, Harkless, Moultrie, White, and hopefully Lavoy Allen. I think that would be a total of 25 million or so. because of the youthful roster, they would get to use the protected pick they traded Miami last night to add another asset. If the Sixers were only to sign filler players to one year deals this offseason, that would leave about 30 million or more to aquire two max players in the offseason. In addition, playing this group of youngsters with the experienced and high character Brand, Young, and Martin will help them become true professionals. At the end of the season the Sixers should have a much better idea of what they have and how good the young players could be.
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