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Default Re: I've never seen a rookie this confident since a rookie Michael Jordan

Originally Posted by sixer6ad
The absolute best thing about ISH is that 98% of the posters don't know as much about b-ball as a high school team manager, yet some of them make comments like this.

It's 100% accurate to say this is a risky pick, but DWait was so highly rated by so many professionals - yet he's not the best guard on his team? What a crack up. 4 Time NBA Champion Byron Scott - who has also coached two franchises to NBA Finals, demanded that Chris Grant get this kid. College basektball Dan Dakich has been raving about him since the pick last night. Despite the fact that DWait was the highest rated basket attacker in the draft, the best one on one player in the draft, and the player "most likely to become a superstar", we have someone who says he wasn't the best guard on his team. Amazing if this fact was actually believed.

It was a joke.

I'm confident that I've seen more Syracuse games than you this season and there's no way this guy should have been a top 5 pick. The cavs didn't even have him in for a workout.
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