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Originally Posted by KyrieTheFuture
I currently attend Cuse and watched every single one of his games closely (him, Fab and Rakeem Christmas as they are our best prospects) and he may have come off the bench but he was by far our best player. Unprecedented penetration ability, fairly quick defender, decent J but he can NOT fall in love with it if he wants to be great. The reason he didnt start was due to seniority and that's how coach likes to do it. Same reason Dion almost left after his freshman year. He was good enough to start but his role/age made him a 6th man.
The only thing that bothers me about the above statement is that I vividly remember underclassmen starting for him in the past, so I have to wonder if there wasn't something else with Waiters that led him to come off the bench as opposed to starting... And I'm not talking anything about his on-court talent.

Being totally forthcoming, I am a bit worried about him in the locker room and off the court. Butting heads with coaches at Syracuse isn't exactly the ideal kind of player that you want at No. 4. Literally all of my current concerns are off the court, though, because I've seen enough of him on it to warrant this pick being made.

The good news is that he will learn under the strictness of Byron Scott. That can go one of two ways... Either very good or very bad. The other good thing is the team that surrounds him. It isn't like he is going to Sacramento where there are concerns with the mental makeup of the players...

In Cleveland, he is going to be sharing the spotlight with Kyrie, Tristan, Varejao, Zeller and Gee... All extremely high character players.

Maybe being in a culture like that is exactly what Dion needs? I hope so...

Btw, Chad Ford gave us an A- for our draft. Pretty favorable analysis...

Round 1: Dion Waiters (4), Tyler Zeller (17, from Mavs)

Round 2: None

Analysis: For the second straight year, the Cavs took a player at No. 4 who was ranked in the late teens on our Big Board in May. Like Tristan Thompson last year, Waiters had a meteoric rise the last month of the season. Unlike Thompson, his rise happened without ever doing a workout or interview with the Cavs. The Suns shut down Waiters early in the draft process, but it only seemed to start a Waiters feeding frenzy for teams ahead of them.

Waiters is the most dynamic scorer in the draft -- his ability to get to the basket is truly special -- and a handful of GMs felt that after Davis, MKG and Beal, he was the guy in this draft with the most star potential. He has NBA skill and, together with Kyrie Irving, should create a dynamic backcourt in Cleveland. Some will say taking Waiters at No. 4 was a bold pick, but I think it was a smart one with both MKG and Beal off the board. People said the same thing a few years ago when the Thunder took both Russell Westbrook and James Harden higher than expected.

I'm more agnostic about the Zeller pick. He's not going to be a great NBA center, but he runs the floor well and can play right away. At No. 17, you can't really ask for more than that.
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