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Originally Posted by LBJMVP
seriously... waiters was actually the taller college player, shot better, better defended, went to the hoop better shot threes betters.

You didnt see either player in college. Why are you typing like you did? Did you know what Beal did the last 12gms of his college career? Go check those stats. How many lottery picks have there been where the player came off the bench? Marvin Williams comes to mind.

Note, I'm not here to say Beal > Waiters. I like the Waiters pick, but why am I reading your posts like you think you have a clue. All this he was better this, that and the third. And the fact of the matter is you didnt see either play much in college last season. You need to slow down. I know you're a Cavs fan but dont go around being a fake fanboy of a player.

Other Cavs fans like Meticode, chips, RBA speak arent doing that. Take notes.
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