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Originally Posted by Fiasco
GOBB might not be saying Beal > Waiters, but I am.

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I liked Beal a lot. The one thing that worries me most about Waiters is a non-issue with Beal... Character/Attitude issues.

Don't get me wrong... Waiters may get here and be an exemplary citizen and teammate. I don't want anyone to think I'm casting stones at the guy for no reason.

But, he did have run-ins with the coaching staff during his freshman year. The poster above (KyrieTheFuture) seems to know more about his situation at Syracuse and doesn't seem too concerned with any off court issues with Waiters, so maybe I shouldn't either.

But still, Beal gave maybe the best, most genuine, intelligent radio interview I have ever heard from an athlete that young a few weeks ago on Cleveland sports radio.

As for their games, I think there is much less of a gap if there is any gap at all. Beal has an unquestionably better jumpshot (regardless of what the statistics say) and Waiters is unquestionably the better slasher.

Waiters has an adequate jumper that looks like it has the potential to get better and Beal is an adequate slasher.

Defensively, I think both guys have the potential of being disruptive with their nice respective wingspans and quick feet.

Beal is a tenacious rebounder. Clearly ahead of Waiters in this area from what I've seen.

So, right now, I would give the edge to Beal as a prospect and he is the guy (along with MKG) that I was hoping for coming into the draft. However, I don't think the gap is huge and I also believe that, if Waiters improves as a jumpshooter, he may have a higher ceiling than Beal... Because his first step is explosive and I'm not sure if that is something you can teach.

We'll see how it plays out.
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