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Default Re: 7 Teams Passed On Drummond, Remember That When...

with Big ben retiring and taking a coaching position on the staff I can see drummond being ready on the defensive end and rebounding very well. Pair him with a smooth player like moose and he will get some easy looks to score a handful of dunks and layups to keep the defense honest. No one is expecting the kid (18 yrs old) to step in and take the world by storm. Labeling him a bust or declaring him the next coming at this point is purely speculation.The college game and the pro game are entirely different creatures and we have all seen the great college players step on the pro floor and take a huge shit on center court. We have also seen relative unknowns step in and become very productive, even all stars. We can all agree the kid has enourmous upside and all the athletic potential to be a huge success....and im sure we can all agree that the term potential usually means " coulda been" I personally will hold out my judgement on him until I see how the team uses him, and how Knight and Monroe play along side him and compliment each others styles of play.
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