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Default Re: Lakers extend Ebanks and D. Morris

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Not a bad move to keep Ebanks. He definitely showed that he can hang. He just needs more PT, and with the likely hood of the departure of Matt Barnes, it looks like this is going to happen. He needs to improve his overall offensive game. He can't be just a limited shooter. If he wants more time, he needs to shoot from everywhere on the floor, with confidence. He can also add a good 10 lbs.

Darius Morris is a favorite of mine. He was very young, inexperienced, and thats why people may have disliked him. He's got ball handling skills that, to me, are comparable to some of the best. He just needs to play poised, within the system, and with confidence. No complaints about his man defense. He's a very athletic defender. Did a great job contesting some shots.

lol I know what some of you will be thinking when you read this. I overhype players. In reality I don't, but rather I am very open to seeing young guys that are unproven, come in and prove themselves. I do this every year.

Yay to Ebanks, impartial on Morris. I would much rather have let him go since I would have Goudelock ahead of him in the rotation. The only way to force Mike Brown into the idea of getting Goudelock good minutes is to find a way to dump Blake at this point, leaving him with no choice basically.

As far as Matt Barnes, I think he deserves at least a vet's minimum offer from this team. He was easily the Laker's best bench player in the regular season. I don't have any problem running him at the 2 guard when Kobe's on the bench with Goudelock in at 1 and Ebanks at the 3. If they can pick up Beasley from the Wolves, that's a nice 2nd lineup:

PG: Goudelock
SG: Barnes
SF: Ebanks
PF: Beasley
C: Hill

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