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Default Re: Coach Williams Believes Marshall Found Right Home

Originally Posted by livingby3's
i like Marshall on the Suns. i hope he really found the right home and pans out to be great in Phx.
Morris as a rookie has been playing solid, looks like a veteran when he's on the court. one of the good draft pick the Suns had made in recent years.
other than these 2 youngs i feel the Suns will have to develop, couple of players we can hold on to.
Gortat will be a keeper, unless we can use him to bait for a high level PF/C, then we still will need him on the Suns.
Dudley reminds me of good O' Raja Bell. tight defender, toughness, spot up 3pt shooter, and can attack the rim at times. more importantly is the energy he brings when he step on the court.
Michael Redd for his abilities vs his salary is positive for the Suns.

The rest we should just trade and ditch to get young or picks.
a total rebuild has to happen for Phoenix, much because u had the Thunder, Clippers, Spurs, Lakers, Nuggets, Mavs to beat.
then u got the Timberwolves, Hornets, Rockets, Grizzlies, Warriors, Jazz who all just got better.

We all know we ain't emerging as the elites of the west anytime soon. Develop these players we got while blowing the rest of the team, tank, rebuild and take the next step. we been in the middle of the pack for too long, too long. Each year not getting deep into the POS, or missing it by a few spots, and while not getting high picks, it's still great to follow this team. But when Nash leaves or retires, things are going to get ugly.
W/o Nash, we would be high lottery pick, we just delayed rebuilding by a few years. Our f/o is pretty stupid, if you keep Nash you surround him with pieces to work with but we didnt do that even.
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