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Default Re: Top 100 Players voted on by the players...

I have a lot of disagreements with the list. I felt like last season's list was much better but then again these are just the players' opinion.

I want to point out a few though that I have a problem with.

-I feel like Romo should be way higher and I'm far from a Cowboys fan. He is just a immensely underrated. Like 5 of the QBs listed above him should not be listed above him.

-Nicks should be above Cruz. I have no clue how Cruz somehow got listed above Nicks when Nicks is clearly the best WR on the team.

-Arian Foster, top 25? No way. He is a good back and a versatile back but he is certainly not top 25. Among RBs of the top 100, I'm pretty sure that is top 5 which he isn't. Top 10, yes, top 5, no.
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