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Default Re: Darius Johnson Odom Highlights

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I agree in a sense that he has the body to keep up with the NBA physical level. I really enjoyed watching that clip.


Super athletic
Great build for NBA
Good scorer from many areas


Not enough footage yet, I need to see his defense. I like players that play on both ends. So far so good though.

Not enough footage but he seems a bit slow with a slow release on his shot too. His moves seem thought out as if he's working on techniques that he hasn't fully mastered yet. He is athletic, I wouldn't call him super athletic, he can dunk but he doesn't get up very high. Yes, solid NBA build is a great thing. Clips show you what went in, not how many he missed....I can't call him a good scorer just off that.......and how many guys light it up in summer league and are crap as pros.
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