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Default Re: Celtics land Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo in what may have been a fantastic draft

Originally Posted by veilside23
i dont know why he slipped this far... good for the celtics i believe. sullingers game is not that far from T.rob to be honest. Sullinger can be like kevin love ... nice pick up for the celts.. this might let bass walk away...

I sure hope they don't let Bass walk. I appreciated his 13-6 every game with very few turnovers, solid D, and high FG and FT %'s. Sullinger isn't ready to handle 30 MPG this year, I like the guy but he needs to develop.

His athleticism (or lack thereof) may limit his upside considerably...I think he's a great value for where he was taken and will eventually be an above-average starter in the league, but they still need Bass for this year at least.
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