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Default Steve Nash's career with the Phoenix Suns nears its end

Article Link

Lots of good tidbits in this article, I recommend a read. Lots of hints towards rebuilding.
"No matter what happens through free agency, from our analysis, there is a risk of tough times in the near future," Blanks said.

The Suns need to address their desire for a dynamic wing scorer and would have options such as Jamal Crawford, Nick Young and Randy Foye beyond an attempt at Gordon. If Gordon was the choice and it failed, the Suns could be satisfied with showing the fan base a willingness to spend. They would still conserve the cap space for a trade taking on money in the summer or during the season -- or 2013 free agency, when they would be interested in Oklahoma City shooting guard James Harden.

"Our expectation is that quick fixes are not sensible." What we are generally looking to do is put together building blocks going forward. Some may be shorter term going forward. Every piece may not be here when we get to the promise land but it's part of the process to get there."

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