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Default Re: BC on the fan this AM

Originally Posted by clipse
We've tried that avenue and failed. Bargs, DD, Davis (although I believe he hasn't been given the proper opportunity), Val and now Ross and acy is our version of building through the draft. We've had decent (not great) position in recent drafts, and our scouts and management thought they were taking the best players at that spot. We now know how they are starting to play out, and it's not the outcome we hoped for. It's not as if the organization wants to do harm to the franchise, it's just that every decision they've made has not panned out.

You use the example of Portland, are they that close to a championship? Even 5 years down the line it still may not be good enough to win a title. You mention Batum in the list, but will he stay with the blazers? And you can't use Oden and Roy as a crutch because injuries do happen, although they were crippling blows. The fact of the matter is that the raps are capable of winning with a few adjustments. Also, there are teams that deliberately tank (which I would hate) and actually suck more than us to warrant chasing free agents to increase the talent.

It will be extremely difficult to replicate a team like okc. But let me ask, would it be so terrible to be in the situation the hawks were in the last few years? Better than mediocre, but the fact was that there were better teams in the league.

YES. I would rather lose for years on end and just get lottery picks that lead to nothing (our situation now) than pretend to be a good team like the Hawks.
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