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Default If you were hired as the new GM of the raps...

and set to earn millions of dollars to be completely involved in hoops 24-7, but ownership tells you to start pushing to win THIS YEAR without exception, what players would you have interest in and why? (Don't tell me you wouldn't accept that offer, and please be reasonable with your lists keeping in mind the cap!)

Nash - attract more players
Josh Smith - volatile situation in ATL, might be able to swing a deal for any package including future picks, Davis or Bargs (not sure if they'd have interest in Jose's expirer)

One of either:
George Hill - defends, plays both guard positions well, championship experience, willing to come off the bench and has ability to start
Tyreke Evans - on the block, can also play both spots, may be unmotivated coming off the bench

One of either:
Nic Batum - still young, very good player who can contribute in all aspects of the game
Ersan Ilyasova - excellent rebounder, spreads the floor, good efficiency

Expected core for the next few years:
Nash/Hill or Evans
DD (or Hill/Evans if DD is needed in a trade)/Ross
Batum or Ilyasova
Josh Smith / Acy

I have no issue moving anyone but our incoming rookies (See what they can offer and good contracts), including Demar, if it nets value.

I think that could work. Obviously, it depends on what I would be able to move based on the trades.
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