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Default Re: If you were hired as the new GM of the raps...

Originally Posted by clipse
What pieces?

I understand you disagree with the accelerated process, but it's what the raps are gunning for. I don't mean to be rude, but the point of the thread was not to debate whether or not they should try and win now, it was to see what moves people would make to turn this team into a contender.

I'm just a fan that has supported this team through the highs and lows, and will continue to do so regardless of the path they choose.

My first order of business would obviously be Nash. Number right now is 12 mil over 2-3 years. Then I would amnesty Calderon if I don't find a SF for him. I would go for Nic Batum (5 years 50 mil)? Hey why not, we're going for it. I would re-sign Bayless as the backup point. I would then try to work out a sign and trade with NO for Gordon in which I would include our first rounder for next year. Something along the lines of Derozan/Ross (they pick), Ed Davis + 1st and we can sign an expirer if need be to fill out the salary.

Roster for the upcoming year?

PG - Nash
SG - Eric Gordon
SF - Nic Batum
PF - Bargnani
C - JV


PG: Bayless
SG: Derozan or Ross
SF: James Johnson
PF: Quincy Acy
C: Amir/Gray

something like that. No one here is really going to abandon the Raptors; but it's becoming awfully hard to support them. I just want a consistent winner or hopes of a team that is headed in the right direction. I think for us fans, it's very hard from seeing one season going for it, then the very next season we're in tank mode. Expect that to happen when/if Raps crap out this season. BC will go out, new GM will come and do exactly that...
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