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Default Re: BC on the fan this AM

Originally Posted by clipse
In that case, we just don't see eye to eye, much like the current fan base which doesn't know whether to cheer or give up hope.

For myself, as a fan and competitive person, another foray into rebuilding would drive me insane.

28 teams will fall short of the finals every year. As I heard Charles Barkley once say "the operation was a success, but the patient died" for many of the contending teams. The fact is there can only be one champion. For all other teams, they must tweak their rosters to improve. So what if the raps finish 8th and exit after the 1st round. The young guys will get playoff experience, and management can take steps FORWARD to climb the ladder.

The main thing we all have in common is that we all want the Raps to win a title. However, people envision different means to attain that goal. None are wrong, unfortunately many of them conflict with others, especially for the lone team in Canada which has to fight twice as hard to get players through other means than the draft.

The Hawks have loads of playoff experience by now. But nobody takes them seriously or gives them an honest chance of ever getting out of the East, nevermind winning the finals as well. So what do they have? They have a roster of overpaid 2nd and 3rd tier stars that aren't getting any younger or any better. Their max per se is the second round of the playoffs. Compared to that, I would rather just keep sucking until the time comes when we eventually get lucky and draft a superstar. We're not in a situation like Charlotte and New Orleans or even Sacramento where they have a real problem of possibly losing their franchise. Even if the Raptors continue to suck they are the only team of Canada and we will in a likely hood probably not lose it. In that case I would rather just hold out and build a true contender, not a pretender like the Hawks and Sixers.
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