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Default Re: Do we have a legit shot at pursuing OJ MAYO?

Originally Posted by Abe Frohman
Houston is going to pursue Asik huge, I say they give us the rights to Jeremy Lamb and they can have Asik. At one point you have to sacrifice some defense to achieve more offense.

They won't give up Jeremy Lamb, but they have made Kevin Martin available and I still really want us to get Kevin Martin.

He's a scorer. He's a good off the ball player and he can simply put the ball into the basket which would come really handy while Rose is out. Defensively our team defense can mask his deficiencies and on offense I feel he would be pretty close to a perfect fit. Great shooter and can move without the basketball.

I say we offer Asik, Korver and Brewer for

Kevin Martin, Samuel Dalembert and a 1st round pick.
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