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Default Re: Timberwolves want Gasol

Originally Posted by mr sax
This is a message board. Anyone can respond to any comment that is posted. You do understand how that works, right?

Regarding me being a "troll". Just because I don't worship at the feet of a bunch of guys on a particular basketball team, like you do, doesn't make me a "troll".

Seems to me that you are more of a groupie than a fan. Do you wear t-shirts with pictures of basketball players on them? Pathetic...

Actually the fact that you don't worship Laker purple is not what makes you a troll. We always enjoy good basketball discussion in here from fans or non fans. What makes you a troll is that you "troll" the board looking for comments or commentators that you have issue with, and personally attack them. Like in the post above. I was having a conversation with Balls Out and Lakers Kobe Fan about threads they had made. Immediately, like 5 guys started with the "fing Laker fans are stupid and the fing Lakers suck" posts, then both threads spiralled into personal attacks against them, instead of focusing on the basketball content in their posts. My post had absolutely nothing to do with you Mr. Sax, not a thing. Then you send your personal attack. It's out of place. This is a basketball discussion board and
we are in the Laker team forum. Talk about basketball. What did I ever do to you to justify personal attacks? I'm a good guy. I served my country for 12 years. I'm happily married to a stunningly beautiful woman who is way above me. I have 3 beautiful daughters. I own a very successful business. I am a truly blessed person. I try to be kind to anyone who enters into my life. I believe in building people up. You apparently believe in trying to tear people down. And you call me pathetic? Why so angry?

Look, let's bury this thing dude. You seem like an intelligent guy. If I said or did something that upset you I am sorry for that. When LakerFreak intervened in an earlier arguement we had, I thought I did apologize to you and hoped we could move on as friends. Why don't we do that now?

I remember you saying you were from Jersey, or was it upstate New York? Spent 4 years at West Point and I fell in love with that part of the country. Are you still up there now?
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