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Originally Posted by Da KO King
I'm still waiting to read/see an argument as to why Beal is better that has anything to do with on the court skills.
I think it just comes down to perception. Beal has been touted as a Top 3 player in this draft since the last few weeks of the college basketball season. Thus, people watched Florida games with the specific purpose of seeing what kind of game he had. Since he played probably his best ball of the season during that tournament, people were (rightly) impressed.

There was still some trepidation due to a fear about his size, but when the combine showed he was a shade under 6-5, everyone seemed to go all-in on him.

Waiters, on the other hand, wasn't a big-name for casual college basketball fans last season. The masses weren't watching Syracuse games with that same "potential Top 3 player in the draft" kind of eyes for Waiters.

Looking back, I wish I had paid more attention to him.

Trust me... I hope you are 100-percent right and I'm starting to get really excited about seeing the Irving/Waiters backcourt.

But, to answer your question... It seems like sort of a perception thing more than anything else. There is little doubt that Waiters was the best slashing guard in this draft and that means a hell of a lot in the NBA.
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