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Default Re: I'm coming around on the MKG pick

You know I LOVE T.robinson and that was a gutsy call by rich cho or MJ or whoever made that call. I like MKG, great motor, tough kid and I can see him under MJ's tutelage he might wind up as the second best player in this draft way down the line. Somebody mentioned Gerald wallace comparisons.. yeah I can see it, wallace was way more explosive though and didn't have a jumpshot when he came into the league also. But if MKG develops a jumpshot.. WOW watch out!

I like Beal and waiters a lot also. Beal is a lengthier eric gordon with the potential to be ray allen lite (when I mean ray allen lite, I mean a prime time ray allen lite). Waiters reminds me more of Marcus thornton currently with the potential of mark aguire. Those wade comparisons make me chuckle LOL, Wade is ridiculous at MArquette, any other year besides the 03 draft and wade was a top 3 pick, maybe #1 overall. Waiters will not come close to wade ever they got complete different games.
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