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Default Re: Deron William's Off-Season/Free Agency Thread

Originally Posted by D12"Magic"
Deron is gonna meet with the Nets and Mavs on Monday thoughts?
nice work on this thread. repped.

i do tend to think that deron really appreciates how much the nets have wanted him, have included him in team decisions, and i think he's genuinely stoked about playing at barclays. tough decision for him, but i would think the excitement and feel-good factor is slightly higher for him staying with the nets.

also, as we learned very late in the season, dwight really did want to be traded to the nets all along. it was only otis smith forcing him to choose between being kobe's sidekick or opting in at the trade deadline that kept him in orlando. that's a huge positive factor for d-will staying with the nets IMO.

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