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Default Re: BC on the fan this AM

Originally Posted by bokes15
That right there is the pretty obvious divide among the forum right now. There's those who are willing to wait another 10 years or more for a contender by building solely through the draft, and then there's those (like myself) who would much prefer an action plan to make it happen faster than that rather than to suffer like the Clippers did to get where they're at. By an action plan, I don't mean give Nash 10 Mill/year and have him carry us into the last playoff spot in the East. But I do mean if the opportunity presents itself to trade some of our young pieces for an established all-star wing player in his prime we take it. That guy alone won't carry us to the championship, but it'd be a legit building block rather than a total crap shoot. As i've said before, very few teams have managed to successfully build themselves that way. Maybe they luck into one superstar talent via the draft and then build around that guy. But getting a bunch of 3rd tier young guys like we have isn't gonna get you anywhere. You have to spend money and take risks to win a championship.

Our guys aren't even third tier. The guys on the Hawks are third tier. I'm all for signing talent like Lowry to reasonable contracts but I DO NOT want a situation like the Hawks have.
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