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Default Re: Portland Offers Roy Hibbert Max Deal

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Which is why I admitted my inaccurate statement. I retract it and go from saying regress to slow progression. Hibbert isn't a baby. He's a very skilled, polished player going into his 5th season that's always had a skill based game. He was never raw like Griffin where he needs a lot of time to really put it together.

Nothing has indicated high upside or big leap in improvement.

I think with more touches he could probably put up 18 PPG. He has to be more assertive in the post, and make sure he establishes himself on the block earlier in the shot clock.

He's definitely the best big that's been available the last two off seasons (not including Dwight's "availability" the last year or so), so though he's certainly not worth a max contract, I can understand the reasoning to overpay him, considering guys like DJ get $10 million dollar just to sit on the bench in the fourth quarter and lose minutes to the likes of Reggie Evans in the playoffs.

He should get paid. Just not paid like he's a first ballot HoFer.
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