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Default Re: Portland Offers Roy Hibbert Max Deal

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
You're just laughably wrong. He was embarrassing as a rookie, and well into his 2nd year. He wasn't polished in any way other than being big (and out of shape, which has been corrected).

If his improvement isn't a good enough pace then I don't know what the hell you expect. Paying Roy Hibbert ~13.5 mil next year isn't the problem. The problem is max contract that make him "comparable" to guys like Durant. There should be no "max" contract. That's an entirely different discussion though.

Embarrassing because he was as weak as a fish and is a pathetic rebounder for his size. You realize at Georgetown the dude was known for his variety of post moves and killer hook shot right? Excellent touch at the rim? Good passer and solid jumper. You'll find that on scouting reports on Draftexpress as well as DraftNet too.

He was FAR from a "raw" prospect as most bigs from Georgetown rarely are.

13.5 mill a year is about right in the way of the recent trend of overpaying centers but he's worth 10-11 tops as Quizno said already.
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